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by John Blake

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These are just thoughts, man.


released January 3, 2012

Tracks: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake



Track Name: 1983
Give it to ya’ll/straight shot// chase no one/ stubborn, since the day I was born/ no children of the corn shit/though I ,murder it, wit an innocent smile/devilish eyes, girls seein’ if I’m settling down/ (huh) ya’ll real funny/ so comical/ stay searching, wit my optical/ lenses/ defenses up like fences/ im not on my high horse/no equestrian, but im questioning/ every action that’s happening/ has an opposite an equal reaction/ so, if you come correct, I won’t test , balance your set without a triple beam, my dreams are beyond the stars, and fancy cars/ it seems that wants and needs, are being blurred/ so speaking on personal rendition….. this is my road to perdition , listen…

Round and Round We Go Again go again, where it ends, I don’t know

What’s my name?// Is that a question, or rhetorical?/ You want answers to the allegorical?/ about a minute ago I was literal, now my lyrics are personified by the lyrical/ my speech speaks patterns, unique freaks, creep/ get geekedup and want me on a short leash/ Im out of space, claustrophobic /Im outer space, I need an orbit/ (Huh)/ My man said, I was insane crazy/ Well, I’ll carve my own lane, (with a toothpick baby)/ I’m detail sharp and ol’ school/ and these tools out here bitches are straight fools/ Am I being misogynistic or metaphoric/ Are you happy I’m here, or do you deplore it?/ Do I really care, or do I care so much that I get wasted an wish my ass was outta here…

Round and Round We Go Again go again, where it ends, I don’t know

Duel wit dualities/ ancestry, fantasy/ Throw tantrums tempered on papyrus leaves/ Spit spasms , ear gasms , an ergo/ you still listen, not sure, you want to follow/ second guessing, I question the seconds staring at me/ time is of the essence, it’s not scaring me/ if death comes, I had fun/ some might say a good run/ Mad laughs, some good rum/ Don’t keep it real, keep it ill/ my skill is silent, licensed wit intent to kill/ Live by the words, or die fighting, ya’ll frightened to live/terror has gotten its grip/ Let go of the Minstrel Show/ I don’t shuck and Jive/ I chuck deuces , stay loose, crusin’ ridin’ by/ im ridin’ round in circles/in what they call a whip, praying for a miracle/ / im ridin’ round in circles, in what they call a whip, praying for a miracle (fucked up right)

Round and Round We Go Again go again, where it ends, I don’t know

I don’t ball/ but I play above the rim/ I regulate ,while sippin on some juice an gin/ I keep it classy, reminisce’n/ you was heaven sent/ me quite the opposite/ apocalyptic the outcome/ how come the downtrodden fall…..back against the wall, I put my all into what I do….I keep illin’ over you….
Track Name: Sao Paulo
Pedal to the medal/dash/ Speeding, heading towards a car crash/inevitable/ there he is damn…ambulances and police sirens/ keep rotating no silence/ people all around coming out of the houses/ (ya’ll know what happened?)/ Can’t imagine how the family feels/ the front end peeled back like Chiquita, the pole is the barrier, has anybody seen him?/ Was he drunk, was he sleepy? Did he do it on purpose, roadways were a lil slippery/ from the rain earlier in the day/ so young, that’s all we say/ why him, not me, not fair/ I swear this aint suppose to be/ tears wet the roadway, cries echo a tone that had me thinking back to my very first funeral/ people on their phones now/ officers saying back up, road flares, head down in sorrow/ heavy is the crown/ he was a king, wishing this was all a dream/ more nightmares to come, I hear screams/ Terrifying, how in one moment everything stops// should saw the sign// hindsight twenty twenty, my sight, bad vision/ and it can’t be corrected/ director of this editorial piece/ another young soul resting in peace/ please don’t let it be/ because I can’ t handle another stop of a heart beat/ tragedy strikes, like a stab in the back/ no formality, familiar with this fixture, picture must be painted/ encapsulated, insulated, like its in pill form/the reason my people get their pill on/ no excuses just a fact/ I smell tires burn, gasoline, stomach churns, yearns of a mothers hug/ I can feel it, and don’t want too, now I drift like Tokyo, kinda ironic and paradoxical at such a pivotal time and my mind it’s a blur/ Like im concussed, not confused, more frustration, hatred building on not understanding/ causes, which is caused by fear/

wish we could steer clear….wish we could steer clear, wish we could steer clear
Track Name: Bad Actors
I kick sh*t, you kick rocks… simple// my smirk, has a smile, with a dimple/ Slept on the streets, just on principle/ Eye brow up, for the rock bottom/Chase dollars, inanimate/Chase bankers, now imagine it/ Connect the dots, I drop Gems/ but who controls the value, sees the value in them/ what I know fam, nada damn thang/Bout the beat, the head nod, da swing/say a couple words, cupped, with a couple of verbs/ maybe put it in a couplet, say word/(word) got my finger on the pulse or the trigger/help ya’ll or dead ya’ll/ do neither/ I’m either ether, or another source that you implore/ but I am not a whore/ and if you are, you don’t get a second chance/had to find that funny, do the dance/ but when it’s all over said and done, and the sunrises, hope you had your f*** fun/
Track Name: Orbit Brazil
Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

Clap ya hands/ I start to loose it, when you clap your hands/ I’ma a fan of fans, pandemonium in any arena/ my demeanor , grand stands// just clap for me baby/ I get in the groove , like a record to the needle//you the record to my needle// so clap for me baby/ I kinda go blind, when I hear it, the rhythm, it takes me back, like a life-time ago/ l’m in a different land, where the ocean meets the sands/ speaking different lan- gauges/ but one thang clear, to get the attention they clapped when they cheer/clap clap to the music of the drum/just clap/ clap, if you wit me, let me know, that you wanna go somewhere, that you never been before/navigate the waters, of the current currents/ /and I can’t swim/ (huh) when ya’ll clap it’s like a wave, surrounds my bo-dy of work/so I, keep servin’, like the chef in the kitchen/ my double speak reaches all clientele/ your wel-come//clap clap for me baby/ clap till ya hand hurts,……..neck jerks, body flirts, all in together now/ Unison, we do it better /butta smooth, slick, on that pimp shit/slick back, … that talk black/but on to the next, when I do my set, ya’ll betta clap for me baby/ this is blood, sweat, and tears, and thru them years/ tra-di-tions continue, I bend views at venues, lookin thru my wind-ew/
Track Name: Shifty
Agility quick, stability sick/ reality flips, to a kick and snare// Rebirth of a Nation, be scared/Bone Crusha, I aint neva/ get on my level….bitch please, bow down on both knees/ might show mercy/ oh mercy me, thangs ain’t always what it seems/ but I tear through like 501 jeans/strong minded, with a will that turn tricks into Jedi’s/ let me in, or I,… kick in the door with C four/ attached to me/ Not suicidal im just a do, or dyer/ who’s a looser, you a liar/ Opposite of fire, still flaming/ press ya lips together, you ain’t half as clever /should take a meat cleaver, to your yapping gums/ bloody hell, son/ soundin’ like a Great Brit, who never made it/ I’m eatin grits, feelin’ great, watching Planet of the Apes hahaha (and I’m laughing my ass off) pop of/ Socks get rocked off, im not a rockstar, but I keep getting shots like its last call/ wit my spectacular ways/ spit vernacular, that’s impassable, impossible, incredible, and I’m just getting iller….ever see a lotus fly?/ Recognize, raise up, as I redefine/tie a bow, or a ribbon in the sky/ for us/you lack, luster/ if you mike, im buster/ everytime im rhyming, I’m stylin and profiling/

I will wreck shops, the block ain’t hot/have you looked thru my chillin eyes/storyteller, rhyme fella/
Track Name: Pet Monster Shotglass
Get ya hands up ….High, To the sky reach’em

Get’cha hands up….. High ohhhh

Can keep it real funky, East Coast Junky/ Sway like I had a tech in the building/ SPRRAAAYY/ get you hands up Hiiiigh!/ absolutely, stick-em up, all black everything/ you betta not say a thang!/ Infiltrated, the network, ya networth is what im about/ so get’cha ya hands up highhh…../Stick’em, hahaha, stickem../I want it all, boi, the gold, jewelry, I don’t wanna earn, work up the corporate ladder?/ my daddy worked thirty five years just to snatch that from him/ Ima take it and not look back/ Soo what, ya’ll neva gave back…../doing exactly what you did, the cycle of fortune, lets soon begin/soooooo….you heard me getcha …hands…. up high…./ Or I’ll start taking hostages,

No need for negotiations, this the end all be/ believe, if it ends incorrectly/ you’ll wish this was Monday cause its turning bloody Sunday/ The hell you lookin’ at pa/ I don’t think, I react, ya heard/ Hi-jacking, is my specialty, for your concern

so if you a company/better have some accompaniment/ suggest better security/ You on the Brink…hehehe /now get’cha hands up hiiiigh …saying it too many times/ Don’t feel sorry for me, been past the edge, mentality, been held down like gravity/need for explanation, shit…..betta do as I say, so I can get my grip/ you know, stack my chips/ Outlaw, my lawd, cops and robbers / semantics/ what would you do, if you didn’t have me?) I’m built in, but now its time to destroy/ clean house before you can deploy/ you’re hero’s, bout bankroll and zero’s/ account codes, give’em/ im on mission/ too long, with control of the masses, you on the top, but ima blow right pass’em (Get’em Up)

chorus break )things ain’t what it seems, falling by the waist side , That’s why we riiiiiiidee

Ride Out/Ride Out!

G-mode, strike like a cobra/venomous, velocity, pop you like a poppy seed/ Papi please, ends justifies the means/And I’m mean wit it, black snubs and black gloves/ care in the world, I care not/ bout my self in this plot/ bring flowers, and a couple bottles, when my casket drops/ one way in and one way out/ that’s that/ be surprised what you can do, when you don’t look back/ but decisions like a pebble in a lake/ ripples continue, though you sinking in space/ and that’s deep brotha/ and I’m my brotha’s keeper/ that’s real, as I’m staring at the steel
Track Name: Hello
Neva been good wit, expressing myself, except this/ so if this is gone, I’ve got nothing left/ distant memories, somedays it feels like I’ve lived ten centuries/ all I wanna do is rest/ don’t look forward to the future, today is a present/ somber my thoughts, I take time, but time is taking me/ tick tock, it don’t stop, they say/ but what if I want it too…./ we all in the Matrix, simulated, red tape, all over the place/ what would you die for?/ are you living/ (you want bottle water/ they want water in Darfur/)

so spoiled, I take this gift for granted, half the reason why I cant stand this planet/ we misplaced, and don’t wanna be found/ we get tore up just to get down…/and when we down, gotta to go and get up/ it’s a workout mind body and soul…../ Just wanna let it go…../

Love rainy days and dark nights/tuck you in, goodnight/ drift away and take flight/your minds at ease, that’s right….