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from by John Blake



Give it to ya’ll/straight shot// chase no one/ stubborn, since the day I was born/ no children of the corn shit/though I ,murder it, wit an innocent smile/devilish eyes, girls seein’ if I’m settling down/ (huh) ya’ll real funny/ so comical/ stay searching, wit my optical/ lenses/ defenses up like fences/ im not on my high horse/no equestrian, but im questioning/ every action that’s happening/ has an opposite an equal reaction/ so, if you come correct, I won’t test , balance your set without a triple beam, my dreams are beyond the stars, and fancy cars/ it seems that wants and needs, are being blurred/ so speaking on personal rendition….. this is my road to perdition , listen…

Round and Round We Go Again go again, where it ends, I don’t know

What’s my name?// Is that a question, or rhetorical?/ You want answers to the allegorical?/ about a minute ago I was literal, now my lyrics are personified by the lyrical/ my speech speaks patterns, unique freaks, creep/ get geekedup and want me on a short leash/ Im out of space, claustrophobic /Im outer space, I need an orbit/ (Huh)/ My man said, I was insane crazy/ Well, I’ll carve my own lane, (with a toothpick baby)/ I’m detail sharp and ol’ school/ and these tools out here bitches are straight fools/ Am I being misogynistic or metaphoric/ Are you happy I’m here, or do you deplore it?/ Do I really care, or do I care so much that I get wasted an wish my ass was outta here…

Round and Round We Go Again go again, where it ends, I don’t know

Duel wit dualities/ ancestry, fantasy/ Throw tantrums tempered on papyrus leaves/ Spit spasms , ear gasms , an ergo/ you still listen, not sure, you want to follow/ second guessing, I question the seconds staring at me/ time is of the essence, it’s not scaring me/ if death comes, I had fun/ some might say a good run/ Mad laughs, some good rum/ Don’t keep it real, keep it ill/ my skill is silent, licensed wit intent to kill/ Live by the words, or die fighting, ya’ll frightened to live/terror has gotten its grip/ Let go of the Minstrel Show/ I don’t shuck and Jive/ I chuck deuces , stay loose, crusin’ ridin’ by/ im ridin’ round in circles/in what they call a whip, praying for a miracle/ / im ridin’ round in circles, in what they call a whip, praying for a miracle (fucked up right)

Round and Round We Go Again go again, where it ends, I don’t know

I don’t ball/ but I play above the rim/ I regulate ,while sippin on some juice an gin/ I keep it classy, reminisce’n/ you was heaven sent/ me quite the opposite/ apocalyptic the outcome/ how come the downtrodden fall…..back against the wall, I put my all into what I do….I keep illin’ over you….


from Flying, track released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake