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Bad Actors

from by John Blake



I kick sh*t, you kick rocks… simple// my smirk, has a smile, with a dimple/ Slept on the streets, just on principle/ Eye brow up, for the rock bottom/Chase dollars, inanimate/Chase bankers, now imagine it/ Connect the dots, I drop Gems/ but who controls the value, sees the value in them/ what I know fam, nada damn thang/Bout the beat, the head nod, da swing/say a couple words, cupped, with a couple of verbs/ maybe put it in a couplet, say word/(word) got my finger on the pulse or the trigger/help ya’ll or dead ya’ll/ do neither/ I’m either ether, or another source that you implore/ but I am not a whore/ and if you are, you don’t get a second chance/had to find that funny, do the dance/ but when it’s all over said and done, and the sunrises, hope you had your f*** fun/


from Flying, track released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake