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from by John Blake



Neva been good wit, expressing myself, except this/ so if this is gone, I’ve got nothing left/ distant memories, somedays it feels like I’ve lived ten centuries/ all I wanna do is rest/ don’t look forward to the future, today is a present/ somber my thoughts, I take time, but time is taking me/ tick tock, it don’t stop, they say/ but what if I want it too…./ we all in the Matrix, simulated, red tape, all over the place/ what would you die for?/ are you living/ (you want bottle water/ they want water in Darfur/)

so spoiled, I take this gift for granted, half the reason why I cant stand this planet/ we misplaced, and don’t wanna be found/ we get tore up just to get down…/and when we down, gotta to go and get up/ it’s a workout mind body and soul…../ Just wanna let it go…../

Love rainy days and dark nights/tuck you in, goodnight/ drift away and take flight/your minds at ease, that’s right….


from Flying, released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake