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Orbit Brazil

from by John Blake



Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap

Clap ya hands/ I start to loose it, when you clap your hands/ I’ma a fan of fans, pandemonium in any arena/ my demeanor , grand stands// just clap for me baby/ I get in the groove , like a record to the needle//you the record to my needle// so clap for me baby/ I kinda go blind, when I hear it, the rhythm, it takes me back, like a life-time ago/ l’m in a different land, where the ocean meets the sands/ speaking different lan- gauges/ but one thang clear, to get the attention they clapped when they cheer/clap clap to the music of the drum/just clap/ clap, if you wit me, let me know, that you wanna go somewhere, that you never been before/navigate the waters, of the current currents/ /and I can’t swim/ (huh) when ya’ll clap it’s like a wave, surrounds my bo-dy of work/so I, keep servin’, like the chef in the kitchen/ my double speak reaches all clientele/ your wel-come//clap clap for me baby/ clap till ya hand hurts,……..neck jerks, body flirts, all in together now/ Unison, we do it better /butta smooth, slick, on that pimp shit/slick back, … that talk black/but on to the next, when I do my set, ya’ll betta clap for me baby/ this is blood, sweat, and tears, and thru them years/ tra-di-tions continue, I bend views at venues, lookin thru my wind-ew/


from Flying, track released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake