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Pet Monster Shotglass

from by John Blake



Get ya hands up ….High, To the sky reach’em

Get’cha hands up….. High ohhhh

Can keep it real funky, East Coast Junky/ Sway like I had a tech in the building/ SPRRAAAYY/ get you hands up Hiiiigh!/ absolutely, stick-em up, all black everything/ you betta not say a thang!/ Infiltrated, the network, ya networth is what im about/ so get’cha ya hands up highhh…../Stick’em, hahaha, stickem../I want it all, boi, the gold, jewelry, I don’t wanna earn, work up the corporate ladder?/ my daddy worked thirty five years just to snatch that from him/ Ima take it and not look back/ Soo what, ya’ll neva gave back…../doing exactly what you did, the cycle of fortune, lets soon begin/soooooo….you heard me getcha …hands…. up high…./ Or I’ll start taking hostages,

No need for negotiations, this the end all be/ believe, if it ends incorrectly/ you’ll wish this was Monday cause its turning bloody Sunday/ The hell you lookin’ at pa/ I don’t think, I react, ya heard/ Hi-jacking, is my specialty, for your concern

so if you a company/better have some accompaniment/ suggest better security/ You on the Brink…hehehe /now get’cha hands up hiiiigh …saying it too many times/ Don’t feel sorry for me, been past the edge, mentality, been held down like gravity/need for explanation, shit…..betta do as I say, so I can get my grip/ you know, stack my chips/ Outlaw, my lawd, cops and robbers / semantics/ what would you do, if you didn’t have me?) I’m built in, but now its time to destroy/ clean house before you can deploy/ you’re hero’s, bout bankroll and zero’s/ account codes, give’em/ im on mission/ too long, with control of the masses, you on the top, but ima blow right pass’em (Get’em Up)

chorus break )things ain’t what it seems, falling by the waist side , That’s why we riiiiiiidee

Ride Out/Ride Out!

G-mode, strike like a cobra/venomous, velocity, pop you like a poppy seed/ Papi please, ends justifies the means/And I’m mean wit it, black snubs and black gloves/ care in the world, I care not/ bout my self in this plot/ bring flowers, and a couple bottles, when my casket drops/ one way in and one way out/ that’s that/ be surprised what you can do, when you don’t look back/ but decisions like a pebble in a lake/ ripples continue, though you sinking in space/ and that’s deep brotha/ and I’m my brotha’s keeper/ that’s real, as I’m staring at the steel


from Flying, released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake
Guitar: Chris Renne