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Rock The Beat (Feat. Greg Barbone)

from by John Blake



Hi neighbors, from my hood to yours
Got our strut on, hand to handle, open the door
Beat knock for us, don’t get startled when you see us
Blake all in Black, Renné a damn genius
What yall heard about us, thought we was crazy
Don’t judge a book by its cover, open and maybe
Pages come alive, you’ll see how we arrived
For now, if you got it light it, enjoy the ride (huh)
We sky flying, hovering cumulus clouds
Hugging air like a Lear, we ain't coming down
If we did though, palm trees eat-in dem mangoes
Ladies walkin’ wit open toes, you know the sandals
Sandy white beaches
Azul agua
Mai tai’s and Mohitos
Time to tear it down, but (uh)
Though our heads in the cloud
We rollin down the window, rockin the beat loud

Rock The Beat.
Rock The Beat Loud.

Is ya system on blast? Speakers bout to pop?
Pushing down the gas, don’t care if you getting stopped
Amped, like ya bass and ya tweeters
Stamped, I'm the door man, holding your hand, nice to meet ya
Renné in the DJ booth, true, true
Blake, I'm escorting you, true true
Looking so fine, with your heels, dress showing your spine
Curves so deadly, call it the autobahn
Mon’, I wanna watcha durty wine, baby
Crowd party hoppin/ evil eyes jockin’
Beg my pardon, stage is steady callin
Ying to my yang, whispers something haunting
Yeaa, barely can understand it
No problemo, heart feels the tempo
Yo enfuego, just like we planned it
Gon’ rock it, right to anotha planet!

Rock The Beat.
Rock The Beat Loud.


from JOHN BLAKE AND CHRIS RENNE DO WORK, released March 15, 2011
Beatbox and rhymes: John Blake. Beat, synths and vocals: Chris Renne. Percussion, keys and vocals: Greg Barbone. Bass: Jamie Simpson.

Produced by Chris Renne and Greg Barbone.