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Sao Paulo

from by John Blake



Pedal to the medal/dash/ Speeding, heading towards a car crash/inevitable/ there he is damn…ambulances and police sirens/ keep rotating no silence/ people all around coming out of the houses/ (ya’ll know what happened?)/ Can’t imagine how the family feels/ the front end peeled back like Chiquita, the pole is the barrier, has anybody seen him?/ Was he drunk, was he sleepy? Did he do it on purpose, roadways were a lil slippery/ from the rain earlier in the day/ so young, that’s all we say/ why him, not me, not fair/ I swear this aint suppose to be/ tears wet the roadway, cries echo a tone that had me thinking back to my very first funeral/ people on their phones now/ officers saying back up, road flares, head down in sorrow/ heavy is the crown/ he was a king, wishing this was all a dream/ more nightmares to come, I hear screams/ Terrifying, how in one moment everything stops// should saw the sign// hindsight twenty twenty, my sight, bad vision/ and it can’t be corrected/ director of this editorial piece/ another young soul resting in peace/ please don’t let it be/ because I can’ t handle another stop of a heart beat/ tragedy strikes, like a stab in the back/ no formality, familiar with this fixture, picture must be painted/ encapsulated, insulated, like its in pill form/the reason my people get their pill on/ no excuses just a fact/ I smell tires burn, gasoline, stomach churns, yearns of a mothers hug/ I can feel it, and don’t want too, now I drift like Tokyo, kinda ironic and paradoxical at such a pivotal time and my mind it’s a blur/ Like im concussed, not confused, more frustration, hatred building on not understanding/ causes, which is caused by fear/

wish we could steer clear….wish we could steer clear, wish we could steer clear


from Flying, track released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake