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from by John Blake



Agility quick, stability sick/ reality flips, to a kick and snare// Rebirth of a Nation, be scared/Bone Crusha, I aint neva/ get on my level….bitch please, bow down on both knees/ might show mercy/ oh mercy me, thangs ain’t always what it seems/ but I tear through like 501 jeans/strong minded, with a will that turn tricks into Jedi’s/ let me in, or I,… kick in the door with C four/ attached to me/ Not suicidal im just a do, or dyer/ who’s a looser, you a liar/ Opposite of fire, still flaming/ press ya lips together, you ain’t half as clever /should take a meat cleaver, to your yapping gums/ bloody hell, son/ soundin’ like a Great Brit, who never made it/ I’m eatin grits, feelin’ great, watching Planet of the Apes hahaha (and I’m laughing my ass off) pop of/ Socks get rocked off, im not a rockstar, but I keep getting shots like its last call/ wit my spectacular ways/ spit vernacular, that’s impassable, impossible, incredible, and I’m just getting iller….ever see a lotus fly?/ Recognize, raise up, as I redefine/tie a bow, or a ribbon in the sky/ for us/you lack, luster/ if you mike, im buster/ everytime im rhyming, I’m stylin and profiling/

I will wreck shops, the block ain’t hot/have you looked thru my chillin eyes/storyteller, rhyme fella/


from Flying, released January 3, 2012
Track: Flying Lotus
Lyrics: John Blake