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The Ride (Feat. The Budos Band)

from by John Blake



Stay focus, it stays on my mind/ I keep choking, hoping, I’ll be fine
Metaphors becoming more real/ got the blues of a Tar Heel, but I gotta shine
Light beams are starting to dissipate, embrace the bed in which I make/ and I say
Now I lay me down to sleep/ only happen when I stop rappin’ and deceased/
Body decompose/
Suit and a tie, at the funeral home/
Who would’ve known/ guess I did, so I wrote this song
Not a psychic or reader of the palm
Lost a sidekick, aint talkin bout the phone
Apart of me is gone, but I gotta carry on
Like the words of the Psalms, or the Holy Koran
Shalom, for the folks, we all going home

Please, oh please, oh please, take this pain away
We give, so much, so much, yet we slipping away
Ohhhh, Ohhhhh

Mas-ter of Ceremonies, this is my test-i-monial
In-con-ceivable / live and let live, but fools in considerate
An Illegitimate, I'm too ill to quit/
Don’t stop, get it (get it)
Eloquent in the wordplay, when my words spray, hurts you in the worst way, hurray
Here/ my fear is not of falling, but of ya’ll not hear hear the the calling
Can you hear me now? was my signal down, like them towers fallin’
Death ain't a wish it’s a damn fact/ wish for a life, cause you ain’t comin back
My life is the mic, so ya’ll got me back/ My life is the mic, so ya’ll got me back


from JOHN BLAKE AND CHRIS RENNE DO WORK, released March 15, 2011
Original track: Reppirt Yad by The Budos Band, from the Daptone Records release "Budos Band III"

Rhymes: John Blake
Beat, production and additional vocals: Chris Renne